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The Jewels of Jambuluwuk are expressed in our 5 star hotel facilities and 5 star services to sparkle in the area that we establish. With the concept of Jewels of Jambuluwuk, we are creating the solid hotels and services to serve from our heart and our guest satisfaction is our priority. Our location in Jl. Trunojoyo No.99, Batu Malang, East Java. (phone: 0341 512999 or email: rsv.batu@jambuluwuk.co.id

Jambuluwuk Batu Resorts, is part of the Jewels of Jambuluwuk spread around Indonesia in the most strategic location of tourist destination. Jambuwuk Batu is a unique 5 Star Boutique, Conference, Nusantara, and Garden Resort is located in Batu Kota Wisata, strategically perched on the hillside street between Batu and Pujon. Batu known as "Little Swiss of Java" is very special, despite of the cold and comfortable weather; yet the low humidity is very suitable for asthmatics.

Located on the altitude of 1100m about sea-level, surrounded by mountains, forests, hills, and the city of Songgoriti, Jambuluwuk Batu Resort exudes the breathtaking view of the city beneath the mountain to sooth and relaxed your mind and soul, making your stay unforgettable journey. The location is adjacent to BUKIT BALE AGUNG NUSANTARA EMAS that carries the well known local tradition.

The Resort is strategically located right from the main street connecting Batu to Pujon , Songgoriti, above the Songgoriti village, and on the hillside of Panderman mountain, with the front view of Mount Arjuna across the Resort

Local Guide | Point Of Interest

  • In 2011 Batu Kota wisata was officially declared as Kotamadya, with the land area of 200 Km2.
  • Batu is surrounded by Mount Panderman, Mount Arjuna, Moutn Welirang, Mount Anjasmoro, Mount Kawi, hence the crisp and fresh weather is around all year long.
  • Batu is known for "De Klein Switzerland" atau Swiss Kecil, and also called "Parijs of East Java" during the colonization era, Batu is the destination for sanctuary.
  • East Java was the area of where the biggest Reign of Empire Majapahit.

Things to do in Batu

  • Selecta National Park
  • Amusement Park : Jatim Park, Museum Satwa, Eco park
  • Hot Water.
  • Coban Rondo Waterfall, Coban Rais, Coban Talun
  • Goa Canggar dan Tlekung where you can find Underwater pass
  • Agropolitan city : Apple picking
  • Zero points of Brantas River

around resorts activities

  • Biking
  • Tracking
  • Golf
  • Paragliding